Nate’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic

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I’m filled with an overwhelming sense of love for the people in our local community and an immense sense of pride in our children.  This weekend, we added over £535 to our fundraising total, with our Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Actually holding the picnic was a somewhat ‘touch and go’ for a while, as Nate (then a little 4-year old), whose idea it was to hold the event, was sporting a 40+ temperature for the previous few days, and, although recovering, was tired to the point of distraction and spent the entire event glued to me or Matt, missing out on all of the fun.




We had the most amazing face-painter, Mike Choruschyj, who donated his time and talent totally free of charge.  There were cakes galore, including an incredible teddy bear’s picnic cake from Fay Lewis and more tasty cakes courtesy of my nieces.  Emma Shield & Kaisha Brown were our picnic makers extraordinaire, Sarah Thurley produced fabulous kiddy cocktails, Mel Richman & her mum knitted beautiful little teddy bears, my sister, Amanda, added her efficiency and creative flair & our mums helped and supported for some considerable time before the event as well as on the day.

We were 4 helpers down owing to illness and the remaining lovely girls (Maddy, Tilly, Flo, Caity, Fliss, Charlie & Yasmin) helping on the 15 stalls had to spread themselves thinly and work hard.  And boy did they come through for us! Each of them arrived amidst the mania of a last minute venue change owing to our wonderful English climate and were welcomed by a scene that was chaotic at best (hence the lack of photos!)


However, all was well and, with the odd hiccup, we were up and running enough for the 80+ people who came, to have fun and part with their hard-earned money. And part with it they did!  It will never cease to amaze me how generous the British public truly is and how supportive people are when faced with a heartfelt plea for a good cause.


Please give whatever you can to our worthy cause by visiting our justgiving page!  Just click on the JustGiving icon on the right-hand side of this page. (Scroll down if viewing on a mobile).

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