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Yet more events to come!!

Things are hotting up over here as people are becoming more and more ambitious about their fundraising challenges for this very deserving cause!  Maddy is wanting to add another challenge to her 25km walk and there will be no prizes for guessing that it may be swimming related.

Watch this space and if you’re a swimmer, get in touch.  We may have an event that is right up your street!

More to come soon…..

Thanks Met Office! Nicki’s blog

Two main points I have taken away from today’s training walk:

1. Never, ever, trust the weather forecast.  No matter how many sunny pictures the Met Office puts on the day’s prediction page, as things currently stand, you will ALWAYS get a thorough soaking.

2. When peeing in a field, never forget that tractors are much taller than cars and can watch at painfully close and recognisable quarters as they cruise excruciatingly slowly past the hedge.

I shall carry these learning points forward to tomorrow’s much longer walk.  And I shall take a different route, far away from the farms I frequented today.  Just in case.